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Taxpayers stump up for civil servants’ £650 acting lessons

Ask business people who know how to coach people to have more executive presence and confidence to speak up, be heard and advance their relationships with all stakeholders. Acting is not the answer!! Taxpayers stump up for civil servants’ £650 acting lessons Sunday Times 24th December 2017 "The human brain starts working the moment you [...]

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From Worriers to Warriers

Was the glass ceiling too thick for Hillary Clinton to break through? There are many competent women whose skills currently are not being harnessed. Is this due to the “Glass ceiling” being too thick or are other factors involved? How can we remedy this and ensure women are represented equitably in the upper echelons of [...]

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Co-Founders: How to avoid them becoming Co-Flounders

Co-founder conflict contributes to 65% of all start-up failures Co-founders bring different skills, expertise and financial resources to the business, to get the company off the ground. Stresses of the entrepreneurial world and disagreements over business decisions, styles of doing business or different values can quickly bring conflict, anger, and resentment into your business relationship. [...]

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