From Worriers to Warriers

Was the glass ceiling too thick for Hillary Clinton to break through?

There are many competent women whose skills currently are not being harnessed. Is this due to the “Glass ceiling” being too thick or are other factors involved?

How can we remedy this and ensure women are represented equitably in the upper echelons of communities and organisations?

Many women have the competencies to break through the glass ceiling, but it is fear and a lack of confidence that holds them back from reaching their ultimate goals.

Fear of failure, fear of success and negative internal chatter drip feeds into our self-belief, fear of upsetting work-life balance and fear of over promoting all contribute to an increased production of adrenalin.

This is observed as nervous energy, which oozes out of the face, body and voice diminishing the impact of the spoken word, which in turn limits the influence we may have on the listeners.

“Worriers to Warriors” is the title of talks, interactive workshops and training programmes, which coach and empower women to use real tips and techniques practiced and implemented immediately in order to gain greater executive presence and confidence to help women speak up, be heard and progress up the talent pipeline in a sustainable way – in business from mid-management to C-suite and beyond and in the community to a position of authority and influence to truly represent and reflect the views of the 50+ % of women in the community.

Supporting women’s progress upwards ensures a wider database of women at senior levels and no more “glass ceiling”!!

The thickness of the glass ceiling was not the determining factor for Hillary not being elected however it may be a long time before another woman is in a position to be elected as the database of competent women with presence and confidence is not very full.