Annette has been my business coach since 2010 and guided me in dealing with the challenges of running my own business with a workforce at one time of over one thousand six hundred employees. Her expertise has also been used by my senior management team to teach them how to focus and deliver projects effectively and on time. Coaching of the senior management team has included sales, marketing, effective communication and relationship management and also included training workshops to the whole team in presentation skills and effective communication skills. Annette’s warmth yet professionalism evoke a great deal of trust. This has made me learn to think hard about the consequences of actions that important decision making can create.
Wendy Hallett MBE: Hallett Retail
Annette has outstanding interpersonal capabilities as well as intellect. As a result of working with her my productivity at work has improved significantly and my confidence lecturing in front of large international audiences has been enhanced dramatically. The journey I had with Annette was a spectacular one on a personal level as well. Annette is a charismatic, determined and hard working woman who is a highly experienced and driven individual.
Haya Langerman: Merck Sharp and Dohme
As a leadership coach, Annette has done an outstanding job helping me gain clarity when confronted with complex situations as well as taking difficult management decisions at times. She clearly has helped me to evolve and grow within the organization, improving my self-confidence, authority as well as my negotiation and presentation skills.
Caroline Andreotti: Coty
One coaching session on interview techniques with ark consultants seemed to have made all the difference.
David Press, DMJ Recruitment Ltd
I am confident that I will retain the skills needed. I hope we can do it again.
DiamondCluster International – Management Consultants
As a result of working with Ark our presentation was one of the most interesting and well received at the event.
NASDAQ International Investor Services
I have never seen anyone capture the audience's attention so effectively.
S. Harris

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